Frequently Asked Questions 

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What is the admission process for global montessori?

It is quite simple, really. You fill out the registration form available online admissions.schoolofthefuture.sg, submit documents as per the checklist and get your child to sit for our assessment test. Next, pay the registration and the term fee, and viola: It's done!

When does the Academic session start?

The academic session for the students enrolling to Nursery - Grade 11 starts from April. For CBSE Grade 12 students, the term starts in February, while for IBDP (Yr1 & Yr2), the term starts in July.

What documents do you need for admission?

A list of all documents required for the admission process are mentioned on this website. 

What is a sibling discount?

All siblings of an existing GIIS student will get a waiver of 25% in tuition fees only when they seek admission in GIIS schools.   


What is the criteria for admission?

Upon submission of all documents, the student has to appear for an aptitude test which is used with a sole purpose of determining his/her eligible grade.  

What is the criteria for GMP admission?

For Nursery-level admissions in GMP, the child should be two-and-a-half  years old and above. For admission to kindergarten 1, the child should be three years old and above before March 31.



Will there be a kindergarten in the SMART Campus?

Yes. There are limited seats available for Kindergarten students at Nursery, K1 and K2 levels at  the SMART Campus.  Siblings of existing students will get preference. 

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When are we moving to the SMART Campus ?

The new campus is expected to be operational by third quarter of 2018. It is presently in the process of obtaining building and regulatory approvals including the TOP (Temporary Occupation Permit). A formal announcement will be made once all the approvals are received.  

How is the SMART Campus better?

The new GIIS SMART Campus is a state-of-the-art facility designed to specifically impart 21st century learning skills in the students.

The campus will have dedicated spaces to encourage students to innovate, create and try out new things making them comfortable with the education style of the future. 

Which campuses are moving?

All students of Queenstown and Balestier campuses will be relocating to the SMART Campus. 

Only students from Grade 7-10 of East Coast campus will be moving to the SMART Campus. 

All students of Moutbatten and all Primary students of East Coast campus will continue from their existing campus locations.

How will the move happen?

The Queenstown and Balestier campuses shall move in a phased manner to the GIIS SMART Campus. 


Student Life

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Will there be a fee increase due to the move?

No. There will be no increase in the fee structure as a result of the move. 

Will the fees be same for all GIIS campuses ?

Yes. Fees will be standard across all GIIS campuses in Singapore. Parents are free to choose the campus of their liking or convenience.

is the SMART Campus connected to nearest MRT station?

The new SMART campus at Punggol is very well connected via MRT and LRT lines. Situated at 27, Punggol Field Walk, the Campus is less than 200 meter walk to the Coral Edge LRT line. Visitors can walk along the covered pathway from the LRT station to the school. GIIS will also provide a shuttle-service to and from the Campus to the LRT station. 

When can we tour the SMART Campus?

The new SMART Campus is awaiting regulatory approvals from relevant authorities. Once we get the green light, we will arrange for tours over the weekend for parents and visitors.  Interested parents may register here.  

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Is there a playground in the SMART Campus? 

Yes. The new SMART Campus will have indoor as well as outdoor play areas for Badminton, Cricket, Basketball, Soccer and Tennis.

Will classrooms be equipped with Smart Boards?

GIIS SMART Campus has adopted very advanced systems and technologies to make the learning process a fun and productive process. That would involve the use of technology like Smart Boards, which are interactive options to the traditional whiteboards in a classroom. 

Will transportation be available to all? 

School bus service will be available in the new GIIS SMART campus as it is available in all our existing campuses. The exact routes, the pick-up and drop location and time will be communicated closer to the school start date.


Will the SMART Campus be secure? 

The new SMART Campus is a huge facility fully equipped with a variety of relevant safety apparatus in place to ensure the security of students, staff and visitors.

A network of CCTV surveillance cameras have been strategically mounted around the campus to monitor every activity in real time. There will also be a 24x7 presence of security guards on the campus to safeguard the facility.

What about cafeteria?

The new SMART Campus will have a huge cafeteria to cater to over 1000 students simultaneously, serving Asian and Continental cuisines. Food will be cooked at the kitchens within the campus. Students can pay by cashless means and parents will be able to pre-order food via the school portal.


For students


What is the curriculum that you are offering?

The curricula offered at GIIS is multi-layered. For Nursery and Kindergarten students, we offer Global Montessori Plus (GMP) and for Grade 1 - 7 there is CBSE, for Grade 8 -10 there is IGCSE Cambridge or CBSE, and for Grade 11-12, CBSE or International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP). 

How many Academic terms in a year?

There are three Academic Terms in a year. April to July, August to November, and December to March. Our session starts in April and ends in March the next year. 

What are the school timings?

The school starts at 9.00 a.m and ends at 3.40 p.m. For Nursery and Kindergarten students, the school timings are from 9.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

What are 2nd and 3rd language options?

GIIS offers Hindi, Tamil and French as optional second languages.

A third language is introduced in Grade 6 and students have the option of choosing between Mandarin, Spanish or Sanskrit.  


Where can I buy student uniforms?

We have a dedicated shop which caters to the uniform needs of students. The shop is: Bibi and Baba, and its address is: Shop- #02- 28, Far East Shopping Centre, 545 Orchard Road, 238882.

It is advised not to buy sports uniform for the child until the child has been allocated a school House. 

Where do we buy the books?

The campus has a tuck shop where all books and stationary, specialised sports uniforms etc can be purchased after the confirmation of admission.  Payments can be made via Nets.

What's the frequency of Parent–Teacher meetings?

Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTMs) are regularly arranged by the school and parents are informed of such schedules via MyGIIS portal.

Apart from this, parents are free to meet with the teachers after school hours with a prior appointment obtained through our MyGIIS portal.

How to communicate with class teachers?

The campus has MyGIIS, which is a very comprehensive student-teacher-parent portal, which manages all the communications and school processes.

Teachers and parents communicate through this portal.


What about achievements and placements?

Every year, some of the best universities from around the world visit the GIIS campuses, and make presentations about their campuses and programmes to the aspiring students and parents. In future, the school shall make such interactions available through virtual classrooms.

Over the last few years, the school has arranged for over 500 university placement sessions, and in 2017 over 100 universities have interacted with GIIS students.


I am interested in the smart campus

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