Admission Procedure

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We’re committed to making the Admissions process as simple and comprehensible as possible

The academic year for all curricula except the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme commences in April and ends in March. The IB academic year begins in July and concludes in June.

While admissions are accepted throughout the year, they are subject to availability.

New students can matriculate at any time during the academic year with sole exceptions for those seeking admission into CBSE Classes 11 and 12 or IBDP Year 1 and Year 2.

Because the academic year starts in April, this is typically our busiest period. As the Admissions Team begins reviewing applications for new admissions in January each year, we recommend that you plan and complete your admission materials before this time to avoid the rush.

We take pride in our diversity at GIIS, and welcome applications from students of all nationalities. Their admission process is facilitated by our Student Recruitment Agents who have been specially appointed by us. To view our student recruitment agents, please click here.

For students holding Singapore citizenship – in accordance with Singapore Law – the Admissions Office will submit a request to the Ministry of Education, Singapore (MOE) for approval to study in the School, before the application can be processed for further review.

Also, please note that, in compliance with the requirements of CPE, GIIS is required to purchase insurance on behalf of its students to protect student fees. The coverage takes effect on the day the fee payment is made, and students receive a soft copy of the Certificate of Insurance by email from the insurance provider and a hardcopy of the Certificate from GIIS, if requested.




You are required to submit, along with the online Admission Form, soft copies of the following documents:

  1.     Passport*
  2.     Birth Certificate*
  3.     Dependant Pass / PR Form / Re-entry permit (as and when issued by ICA; required before you start school
  4.     Immunisation Records
  5.     Educational certificates of the previous academic year
  6.     Passport size Photograph

In addition to the above, you would be required to attach the following documents for the parent:

  1.     Passport
  2.     Employment / Dependant Pass

If you are unable to upload the documents at the point of submitting the admission form, you have two options: 

Option 1: Retrieve the application form using your email id and upload the remaining documents

Option 2: Submit the hard copies to our Admission Counsellor who will assist to upload them

It is recommended that all documents are submitted at the time of completing the online application. Original documents must be produced to the Admission Counsellor for verification purposes.  

Upon submission of the online application, you will receive an acknowledgement email.

If your child is seeking a transfer from a CBSE curriculum school, you are required to submit the Original Transfer Certificate within one month of starting school.

* Mandatory at the time of submission of online Admission Form.

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One of our Admissions Executives will contact you to schedule an appointment for your ward's Interaction and Aptitude Test. You will be informed about the student's admission offer on the same day of the Aptitude Test. The final decision on the class in which your child will be admitted will depend upon the following:

    Combined results of the aptitude test
    Age criteria
    Educational certificates of the previous class


STEP 3- payment of registration fees

You would be required to pay the Registration Fees* for confirmation of the admission either via NETS or Cheque or Paypal or Cash, and upon this payment the admission of the child is confirmed.

At the point of paying Registration Fees, you are required to execute the GIRO arrangement with the school, which will allow the school to deduct the fees electronically. The GIRO forms will be approved by the bank within 6 to 8 weeks. Once it is approved, the school shall collect the fees on the due date through the GIRO arrangement.  

If the GIRO arrangement is not established, then you are required to pay an additional administrative charge on every fee payment and pay the remaining fees to the school via NETS or Cheque or Paypal or Cash.  


STEP 4 - student contract

You would be required to complete and sign two copies of each of the following:

    Advisory Note
    Student Contract

To see a sample copy of the Student Contract, please click here.
To view the Advisory Note to students, please click here.
Once you have signed the same, you can proceed to pay the school fees. The FPS Certificate will be provided, along with receipts for payments made.

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step 5 - student visa (if applicable)

For the newly arrived expatriate students, whose parents are not working in Singapore. You are required to submit signed visa application and give a copy of all supporting documents to the Admission Office. The Admission Office will then apply for a Student Visa with the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

Students who already hold Singapore Permanent Residency (PR) or Dependents Pass (DP) shall only be required to furnish a copy of their residency along with other documents. No visa application is required.

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step 6 - final documents

Once all steps are complete, the Admissions team shall provide the students a copy of each of the following documents:

  •     Admission Confirmation
  •     Student Contract and Advisory Note

After confirmation of the admission, you shall receive the password to access MyGIIS student-parent portal. Commencement dates of the new semester and details of the school transport facilities etc shall be sent to you on this portal.

Provision admission shall be granted to students who are expected to commence their school term at a later date.

Contact our Admissions Team for more information.

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